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Data Processing Pipelines and Analytics

Most web products involve data processing and analytics. This falls into two categories:

Business-specific data - I can set up or improve your data collection and manipulation processes. Clean modular design, decoupling of components, and careful analysis of timing and concurrency are some of the aspects that I focus on to make your data flow smoothly.

Typical SaaS or traffic analytics - needed to understand how your business is performing. I can help you with A/B testing of crucial items such as the pricing page, measuring which marketing channels have the best return on investment, or creating automated custom reports for the company's key people.

Data Visualization

Standard charts, custom visualizations, and analytical dashboards are all things I can help you include in your website project.

D3 is my go-to charting library. It's a very flexible toolset -- just look at the examples. For typical charts, NVD3 is a standardized charting library built on top of D3 that makes it straightforward to get the job done.

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AngularJS Webapps

AngularJS is a framework for creating single-page web apps. It's a great fit for creating the parts of a website that sit behind the login page and can provide your users with a better user experience than regular web pages. AngularJS is:

Productive – Angular reduces time to build by giving you all the tools you need in one framework.

Scalable – Angular makes it easy to build large scale enterprise web applications by separating business logic from markup, and promoting reusability.

Testable – Angular was built with testing in mind from the ground up, so you can make sure you have the highest quality code possible.

Supported – Angular is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries, supported by a massive community, and backed by Google.

Android Apps

An Android veteran, I've been building apps since the moment the first Android phone, the G1, came out.

I have experience with most facets of Android:

- user-facing apps as well as developer-facing SDKs
- camera
- location
- maps
- live wallpapers
- custom drawing on Canvas elements
- data-driven apps
- SQLite data storage

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Favorite technologies / Expertise

I have expertise in and love working with:

Languages: Python, Javascript, Java
Web Frameworks: Django, Flask, Angular
Mobile: Android
Task Queues: RabbitMQ, Celery, Redis
Web: Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3
Data Storage: MySQL, Mongo, Graphite
Hosting Services: AWS, Google App Engine, Webfaction
Charting: D3, NVD3
Automation: Grunt, Bower